Andrey Rublev was in a One Direction cover band

Published by Bastien Thorne

Yes, you read that right. Tomorrow, Andrey Rublev is going to walk out on court to play the biggest tennis match of his fledgling career. A couple of years ago, the Russian was in the spotlight for an entirely different reason. He was in a One Direction (1D, if you must know) cover band, you see. The band was called Summer Afternoon and the song in question was ‘Steal My Girl’.

And yes, this is all legit.

“We were just having fun,” Rublev reflected. “Now, tennis is my life. Since I was a kid I always liked music; I was trying also to play guitar. But now I’m 100 percent in tennis.”

Rublev’s time in the band was short-lived. ‘Steal My Girl’ was their only song, it picked up 38k views, and they never sang again (on video, anyway).

Needless to say, Rublev isn’t the only vocalist on the ATP…

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