Madison Keys highlights Twitter abuse

Published by Paul Moore

Madison Keys has been the subject of abuse on Twitter. Photo: Getty Images
Following her defeat in Charleston, Madison Keys has been subject to a torrent of abuse on Twitter.

Madison Keys has showcased the barrage of abuse that she receives on social media after losing a match. The American, who was beaten 4-6 6-1 6-1 by Shelby Rogers in the second round of Charleston, retweeted and responded to a number of abusive messages following the defeat.

Keys has previously spoken about the abuse she receives on the WTA.

“I just think if we are all quiet and we don’t talk about things, then nothing is going to get better,” Keys said. “So that’s where I’ve taken a stance where we can have different opinions but as long as we can talk respectfully and we can have a conversation that doesn’t turn into an argument.

“I think the world has gotten very negative in very different ways and especially on social media, when you click on something, the comments are immediately negative.

“If you make the people saying the negative things accountable for them, it makes people second guess themselves when they’re going to write something nasty.”

Following the defeat, Keys started to receive a variety of abusive messages.

There was straight abuse (if you’re offended by swearing look away now):

There were accusations of match fixing:

Keys did get some support (and was appreciative of it):

But she still got abuse…

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