Caroline Wozniacki: ‘Daphne was a good cuddle buddy’

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Caroline Wozniacki beat Simona Halep to win her first Grand Slam title in Melbourne; Getty Images
After a hectic time since winning her first Grand Slam title, we caught up with Caroline Wozniacki to see how she’s taken to life as our new Australian Open champion.

How have you enjoyed your time since that amazing night in Melbourne?

Caroline Wozniacki: “It’s been awesome. It’s a dream come true and a very special feeling, just getting the trophy and carrying her home and calling myself a Grand Slam champion. It’s been very special. I’ve been home a little bit just relaxing and enjoying time with my family and fiance. Then I had a tournament in Doha and have just been practising hard getting ready for the US hardcourt season.”

Did you get to spend a long time with Daphne after the trophy presentation?

I spent quite a bit of time with Daphne right after the tournament, she was a good cuddle buddy, but after a week or 10 days I had to leave home and leave her with my parents.”

Where do you plan to keep your replica trophy?

“For now she will stay at my parents’ house because they keep most of my trophies, but one day I’ll take her back!”

Last year Roger Federer took his trophy, Norman, to the Swiss mountains, to dinner and on a tour of Melbourne – where would you take Daphne for a spectacular photo shoot?

“You know, Daphne is a big homebody – she likes to stay at home and be polished, and keep company with some of the other trophies I’ve won.”

Can you take us behind the scenes on the night of the final?

“It was pretty crazy. Once we got off the court, I was taken straight into media and was in there for probably an hour-and-a-half. I was allowed to take a shower after that! Then my fiance and my dad came and took photos with me and the trophy in the locker room.

“After that, more media, then I had a drugs test right after. I didn’t leave the arena until probably 3am and we went back, and my dad was in the bar with some of our friends celebrating. David and I joined in for an hour or so – we had a glass of champagne and they ordered this huge chocolate cake for me with vanilla ice cream, and some French fries. It was really nice.

“I only stayed for an hour because I was so tired. I slept for probably four hours, and then we had the photo shoot with Daphne the next morning.

How busy has your schedule been keeping up with demands as the new Australian Open champion?

“It’s been really busy. I was in St Petersburg for a little bit, then I was in Monaco where I live. We went to Denmark for one day as well to see my friends and my brother, then Doha, New York and California. It’s been busy but a fun ride.”

How was the reception back in Denmark?

“They told me that literally everyone was watching my final in Denmark, the whole country was shut down just watching me play, so that was pretty spectacular and amazing. I’m going back at the end of April to play an exhibition with Venus and I know they’ve had to add extra stands because it was sold out so quick.”

Serena sent a nice message after your win, have you had a longer message or catch-up since then?

“We text and talk all the time but I actually haven’t seen her yet because our schedules have been so crazy, and she was in New York before Indian Wells while I was here, so we’re still waiting for a proper catch-up.”

You’ve spent a lot of time as world number one in your career, how important is the ranking for you now?

“I think for me it was really important winning the Australian Open, and to win it and regain the number one ranking was so huge for me and something I take huge pride in, but right now, honestly, I’m just trying to win the next tournament I’m in and go from there.”

How excited are you about the prospect of stepping on court as defending champion at the 2019 Australian Open?

“It’s so exciting and special to be able to call yourself a Grand Slam champion, the Australian Open champion. It’s a dream come true and I can’t wait to be out there again.”

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