Federer v Nadal? Borg v McEnroe? Top YouTube tennis hits

Published by Matt Trollope

Television has its ratings, YouTube has its “views”.

And using those views, we’ve been given a picture of which tennis matches are the most popular with fans.

We implemented a simple criterion: the video had to feature the full match, or highlights of the entire match, to make them comparable.

We excluded single sets, set highlights, hot shots, controversies (like when Maria Sharapova hit Serena Williams with a ball), exhibition matches (like Federer v Sampras at Madison Square Garden) and junior matches (like when Nadal and Gasquet met as 13 year-olds), many of which attracted views in the millions. We also ignored videos featuring the same match (only with less views) as one already in our list.

Among the top 30 there were only three women’s matches. But there were several just outside the top 30 that generated plenty of views, including Muguruza v Venus in last year’s Wimbledon final, Australian Open matches between Serena and Sharapova in 2015 and 2016, and the London 2012 Olympics quarterfinal between Sharapova and Clijsters.

Just two of the men’s matches in the list featured two non-Big Four players.

Viewer numbers will fluctuate, but were correct at the time of publication.

Match Tournament Views Type
1 Federer v Nadal Australian Open 2017 F 3.09M highlights
2 Nadal v Wawrinka Roland Garros 2017 F 1.62M highlights
3 Federer v Cilic Wimbledon 2017 F 1.58M highlights
4 Nadal v Djokovic Roland Garros 2014 F 1.54M highlights
5 Nadal v Costa Monte Carlo 2003 R2 1.35M highlights
6 Federer v Nadal Tennis Masters Cup 2007 SF 1.30M highlights
7 Venus/Serena v Hlavackova/Hradecka London 2012 Olympics gold medal match 1.26M in full
8 Nadal v Federer Australian Open 2014 SF 1.25M in full
9 Federer v Djokovic Roland Garros 2011 SF 1.23M highlights
10 Borg v McEnroe Wimbledon 1980 F 1.19M highlights
11 Wawrinka v Djokovic Australian Open 2014 QF 1.18M highlights
12 Wawrinka v Djokovic Roland Garros 2015 F 1.06M highlights
13 Djokovic v Nadal Australian Open 2012 F 1.04M in full
14 Djokovic v Federer Australian Open 2011 SF 1.02M highlights
15 Federer v Raonic Wimbledon 2017 QF 1.01M highlights
16 Nadal v Dimitrov Australian Open 2017 SF 1M highlights
17 Federer v Agassi US Open 2005 F 995K highlights
18 Nadal v Verdasco Australian Open 2009 SF 995K highlights
19 Serena v Sharapova London 2012 Olympics gold medal match 987K in full
20 Chung v Djokovic Australian Open 2018 4R 987K highlights
21 Thiem v Djokovic Roland Garros 2017 QF 918K highlights
22 Nadal v Federer Australian Open 2009 F 895K highlights
23 Federer v Nishikori Australian Open 2017 4R 834K highlights
24 Federer v Wawrinka Australian Open 2017 SF 800K highlights
25 Federer v Nadal Shanghai 2017 F 785K highlights
26 Djokovic v Wawrinka Australian Open 2013 4R 763K highlights
27 Ostapenko v Halep Roland Garros 2017 F 747K highlights
28 Sampras v Becker ATP World Tour Championship 1996 F 738K highlights
29 Wawrinka v Murray Roland Garros 2017 SF 719K highlights
30 Djokovic v Federer Australian Open 2016 SF 701K in full
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