Fognini handed US Open fine + suspended ban

Published by Bastien Thorne

Fabio Fognini has been handed a fine and suspended sentence for his actions during the US Open. Photo: Getty Images
Fabio Fognini has been given a suspended two-Slam ban and a hefty fine after insulting an umpire at the US Open.

Fabio Fognini has been fined and given a suspended Grand Slam ban following his verbal abuse of an umpire at the US Open. Fognini was disqualified the tournament after he was caught on camera calling umpire Louise Engzell a ‘whore’ and a ‘cocksucker’ in Italian.

The world No.28 was originally fined US$24,000 for the incident. However, the Grand Slam Board subsequently found him guilty of ‘Aggravated Behaviour and Conduct Contrary to the Integrity of the Game’ fining him US$96,000 for the remarks, and handing him a suspended two Grand Slam ban for the next two years.

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If Fognini does not commit another Grand Slam Major Offence in the next two years the fine will be halved.

“Mr Fognini accepts and will not appeal this decision and he has expressed remorse for his admitted misconduct,” a statement from the Grand Slam Board said.

“He has confidence that he will meet the conditions necessary to reduce his financial penalty and to lift his Grand Slam tournament suspensions in the future.”

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On a lucrative day for tennis’ various fining committees, Nick Kyrgios was fined US$10,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct during the Shanghai Masters.

The Australian quit his match against Steve Johnson after losing the opening set. Because he was not signed off as sick or injured after the match, he was also ineligible to collect his US$21,085 prize money at the event.

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