Laver Cup a sell-out in Prague

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Roger Federer (R) and Tomas Berdych at the Laver Cup launch event in Prague, Czech Republic; Getty Images
Ticket sales went through the roof on Friday for the inaugural edition of the Laver Cup, to be staged at Prague’s O2 Arena on 22-24 September 2017.

The inaugural Laver Cup, a new international three-day men’s team tennis competition, has sold out, easily setting a new standard for ticket sales at the O2 arena in the debut host city of Prague.

The demand for tickets was almost four times higher than that of the biggest event previously staged at the O2 arena, the IIHF World Ice Hockey Championships in 2015.

Tickets were sold across 45 countries and as far afield as Australia, Canada, United States, South Africa, Philippines, New Zealand and Japan, along with many European nations for the competition, which is set for 22-24 September 2017.

“Selling out three days of competition in a matter of hours is hugely exciting. This incredible demand exceeds our hopes and confirms the unique appeal of the Laver Cup,” Laver Cup managing director Steve Zacks said.

“Watching the greatest players in the world compete as committed teammates is a tennis fan’s dream, and now it is finally happening.

“We are only sorry we have to turn so many dedicated fans away.

“Our records show we are expecting fans from more than 45 countries to descend on Prague in September. This is testament to the star power of all-time great players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and this event will truly be an international celebration of the great sport of tennis.”

Roger Federer was in Prague on Monday to launch the event, alongside Czech star Tomas Berdych.

“I think the Laver Cup is one of the most exciting events in a long, long time in tennis, and I believe it will become an enduring tradition that players dream about becoming a part of,” Federer said.

“I can hardly wait. We will have extraordinary matches with very intense competition and a great atmosphere. Now that the stadium has sold out, I am sure the environment inside will be unbelievably electric.”

The Laver Cup hit the headlines around the world on Monday, as Federer and Berdych launching the tournament countdown and ticket sales with a tennis match on a boat sailing past the iconic Charles Bridge.

They were greeted by thousands of fans in the historic Old Town Square.

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