Novak Djokovic argues with Jelena on Facebook live

Published by Paul Moore

Novak Djokovic appeared to argue with wife Jelena on Facebook live.

Novak Djokovic has had an awkward exchange with wife Jelena on Facebook live. The world No.2, who was filming a practice session in Monte Carlo for his 7.2m Facebook fans, appeared to irritate his wife at the end of the broadcast.

After playing with his dogs for a few minutes on the court, Djokovic went to thank his fans and finish the live broadcast.

“I like to get near the camera, it makes me feel more intimate I guess, more friendly,” Djokovic said to his fans (and his wife). “Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed the…”

Then Jelena stepped in.

“How are you behaving yourself? For heaven’s sake,” Jelena responded in Serbian. “Thank you, love. Thank you. Isn’t that what you should be saying?”

Novak then reminded Jelena that they were broadcasting live, at which point she grimaced at the camera and ended the broadcast.

Djokovic announced today that he had accepted a wildcard to Acapulco, where he will play his first tournament since losing in the second round of the Australian Open.

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