Andy Murray discusses life as a dad

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Andy Murray prepares for the Davis Cup tie with Japan. Photo: Getty Images
In his first interview since the birth of his daughter, Andy Murray has been discussing life as a father.

In his first interview since becoming a father, Andy Murray has reflected on how his life has changed since wife Kim gave birth to their daughter, Sofia.

“The thing that has surprised me most is how quickly everything changes – from the first day she was born,” Murray told

The Scot will lead Great Britain as they begin their defence of the Davis Cup title against Japan this weekend. But while the hopes of a nation may rest heavy on his shoulders, they pale in comparison to the prospect of being away from home: “Even when I’m away for a day I feel bad. I feel I should be there and I want to be there as much as I can.”

That is partly because, by the sounds of things, Andy Murray is a hands-on dad: “I was OK holding her. The only thing I found difficult was changing her because you see a small person and you think they’re so fragile – or that their hands are so small that when you’re putting their fingers through their top that they could maybe break.”

But while babies don’t break, tennis players can. And there are inevitable question marks about whether parenthood will have an impact on his on-court performances: “I’ve been training again and certainly haven’t been worse.

“Obviously with Novak and Roger it’s worked out well. I don’t know if having kids has made them play better or if they’re just really good.”

To read the full interview visit The Guardian newspaper.

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