Andy Murray & Kim Sears have baby girl

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Andy Murray and Kim Sears have given birth to a baby girl
Andy Murray and Kim Sears have given birth to a baby girl.

It was the talk of the Australian Summer, and now it has finally happened: Kim Sears and Andy Murray (Kim did the hard work, but Andy deserves at least a namecheck) have given birth to a baby girl. The news broke in the UK press early on Tuesday morning, and was eventually confirmed by the agent of the World No.2 later that day.

“Andy and Kim had a daughter in the early hours of Sunday morning and the family are doing well,” said said agent in a short, sharp and not particularly cuddly statement.

While Andy and brother Jamie remain tight-lipped (in a social media sense) about the new arrival, grandmother Judy took to Twitter to re-confirm the confirmation. First there was Andy’s letterbox adorned with baby ribbons:

Then it started getting more creative:

Meanwhile, Andy’s grandmother Shirley Erskine was similarly delighted at the arrival.

“I don’t have any details I just know that I’ve got a great granddaugher so that is just lovely,” she told the BBC.

“All I could think of after Andy had finished playing his final [in the Australian Open] was ‘Oh good, at least he’ll get home now’. It’s not easy getting home from Australia. He couldn’t have been further away. Fortunately, he was home in plenty of time and all’s well.”

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