No ‘concrete date’ for Kvitova return

Published by Paul Moore

Petra Kvitova was stabbed by an intruder in her home last December. Photo: Getty Images
A spokesperson for Petra Kvitova has said that no concrete date has been set for her return.

Petra Kvitova has started using her racquet hand again, but there is no ‘concrete date’ set for her return to tennis, according to her spokesman.

The two-time Wimbledon champion, who was stabbed by an intruder during an attack in her home last December, is able to use her left hand again but does not know when she will be returning to the Tour.

“Petra’s recovery is continuing as planned, but everything is up in the air as to her return,” Karel Tejkal, said in an interview with AFP. “Petra uses her hand without problem for daily activities.

“Of course, the hand is weakened but at first glance you can’t see that she was injured,” he added.

“But at the moment no-one can give a concrete date.”

Tejkal confirmed that Kvitova has been training in the Canary Islands, and called her psychological recovery after the attack ‘very encouraging’.

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